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Life After Uni, What's Next?

by Habiba Da Silva

Hello guys, I hope you’re having a pretty good beginning of October! Mine hasn’t been too eventful, all of my siblings have started school & my parents are working so I’ve been left to my self at home trying myself at cooking, listening to music (check out this Anghami music streaming service review), and watching Netflix (a lot of Netflix). The day of my graduation was pretty amazing, I felt at ease, not that I didn’t enjoy uni – I really did – but I felt a new sense of freedom. However, it’s only a couple weeks into term time & I’m starting to think that getting a part time job right now would be a pretty good idea. I’m one of those people who really aren’t sure of a solid career path. I studied English & creative writing because I’m passionate about writing and creativity in general, but most of the typical career paths that students take after studying English (i.e. teaching) doesn’t really seem to fit with my personality, so I’m left stranded with no idea in mind. Habiba doesn’t really know what to do next. I’m taking advantage of my super free time at the moment to catch up on the latest technology news, blow up my online content, because naturally, university did busy me quite a lot when I started YouTube, & my posts weren’t as frequent as they are now. I do really love making content -heck, I’m super passionate about it, I feel like I have a responsibility and a duty to spread positivity, to show different things, to express myself online and I love it. But at the same time I really would like to have something to busy me on the side, so I myself could grow also, instead of just sitting at home with my camera and makeup feeling slightly unsocial.

I think it’s time for a serious job hunt. Or, alternatively, I could start on projects I have been dreaming of since my childhood, like publishing an anthology. Keep me in your prayers!

Habiba xo

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