The SKIN campaign was inspired by many things. Firstly for my passion for cultures and traditions, secondly to break up the trend of having brands with clothing dressed on only lighter skinned models.

I wanted something for everyone: men, women; from every background. I played on the theme of marriage as you can tell by the names of the hijabs. The word, marriage, is all about bringing entities together. This is what SKIN is about.


Habiba xo


October 15, 2016


  1. Do the boys come with the scarves?

    • Looooooool

    • OMg I’m dying at your comment

    • Hahahah I died

      • But do they, habiba?

    • I wish

    • looool i hope

    • LMAO


    • Can you not see what kind of website this is? How appropriate do you think it is to be asking such childish questions like that?

  2. Absolutely beautiful, team modesty

  3. I’m honestly so proud and happy I have no words I’m genuinely speechless…
    Thank you Habiba for this.
    Love you,

  4. The colours are gorgeous! I’m quite sad that they’re priced at £20 though.

  5. Amazing Habiba! So glad your using your platform for such inspiring things!

  6. My salaam when will you restock I want one

  7. I’m so proud. I’m very pleasantly surprised. Keep going

  8. I love this but how can I order it

  9. I absolutely think u are an amazing person mashallah.i love the fact that your not just a pretty face but someone who has a passion for culture and traditions. May Allah keep you strong and pray that he continues to help you succeed in life Ameen xxx

  10. I’m so happy for you❤️and InshaAllah your work will progress as the time goes by xBestOfLuck


  11. The prices are ridiculous, but loving the colours .. good luck with your campaign!

  12. I love the concept, seeing women of deeper complexions is so refreshing, I’m South Asian and I’m not one of those light skinned ones lol. I grew up having a complex, wanting to wear lighter foundations because I thought the lighter the better, but now I have embraced my skin colour, I hope that concepts like these will break the stigma and allow women to be more confortble with the way they look. All the best Habiba x

  13. verona collections sell these hijab better quality for a cheaper price. £20 for a hijab is yeezy hijab for me to pay for this bs. NAAAAAAAAAAA MATE.

  14. So nice I love it!?

    • the price is nice too

  15. Oh my i’ve been revisiting this page all day. Ma Sha Allah. This entire campaign brings so much joy to me. Keep doing the damn thing Habiba.

  16. Start selling nude skirts, it would be dope. Just don’t make em’ too expensive, my wallets currently on a diet.

  17. I would like to purchase this. All colors. How do I buy these hijabs?

    • Dude you can probably get any colour hijab from almost any market stall in the UK.

  18. I’m so proud of your hard work habiba. This world needed something else that you have brought. Muslim culture or any culture is something to be proud about. You make me feel 10x better than before! Inshallah you will keep up the good work!!! <3

  19. Is it limited edition?

  20. I am head over heels in love with this idea. I love women with deeper skin tones because they add so much interest to the clothes. Thank you so much for doing this. I really admire you Habiba and what you stand for. ❤️❤️

  21. Firstly I would like to say, you’ve done so well alhamdulilah, love this website you have created, along with all the YouTube videos you have done upto now. About the scarves, I think the colours are very nice, I have them in many other colours aswel as these, they are a lovely fabric to wear over your head, and stay put all day, however I do think your prices are way tooooo expensive, as I got 10 of these for £20.

    • Hi, where did you purchase your scarves from? I’d love some like these but can’t afford this price.

      Thank you in advance!

  22. Too expensive

  23. Love them scarves ??‍♀️

  24. Sorry I’d like to know what’s so special about the fabric as it is priced £20? And when can I purchase them? I will only b able to buy one every 5 month

  25. Hello habiba, you are extremely confidently sooo amazing. I’m too proud of you. Uour work is greatness. I would love to collect your scarves one day when I can afford them. Have happy day and life InshaAllah x

  26. Good luck ..
    So expensive for a hijab .. how come a hijab for all colour skins but the price is for richies ppl..!!

  27. Wayyyyy toooo expensive love!

  28. Prices are ridiculous. Especially for the type of fabric and not a quality looking finish. But concept is good.

  29. Why so expensive for one scarf?? I’ve got the exact ones from Manchester, only £2 each, I’ve got them in so many colours too

  30. Habiba habiba habiba….. £20!!???….omg tooooo toooo expensive for these scarves, there jus your standard scarves, I’ve already got them in a few colOurs, but need the chocolate brown colour one only, definitely wouldn’t pay £20 for these scarves, maybe a designer scarf yeh!

  31. I’m not happy with the price, quality isn’t that brilliant. Way tooooo expensive for me n my friends

  32. Habiba I love u but y the scarves sooo expensive!!!!??? I can’t afford them ??

  33. I wish I could buy all the colours but can’t afford 1, toooo expensive for the quality. It’s nothing special the fabric.

  34. Expensive though!

  35. I don’t get what all the fuss is about?!?!
    If I am missing something, someone please enlighten me

  36. What u did i very special welldone habiba congrats wish u successful cin future …i am from kurdistan iraq are my favorite hijab blogger ❤️

  37. I think they are expensive

  38. Very very very very very expensive, wouldn’t pay that much for a rubbish quality scarve.

  39. absolutely LOVE this campaign, I’m so shook by this but that price is way too high you need to cut it

  40. Omg

  41. Wow, the visuals are amazing! I love this campaign!xfjx

  42. One word EXPENSIVE!

  43. This deserves to go Viral. Fantastic initiative.x

  44. when are these back in stock?